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"Mom, I'm home," he called out as he came in the back door. She sat the casserole on a large trivet in the center of the kitchen table ...Linda turned from the oven with a large casserole of macaroni, chopped ham, peas, onions, finely minced red bell pepper, mushroom soup and lots of cheese. "Get over here and give me a hug big boy," she said with a smile and held her arms out wide."Hey, no running in the house young man," she said as she smiled and shook her head. steam in the room, the shower curtain closed, hot water streaming down ... So I thought we should talk about it." Her voice was calm, cool and collected.'He really is a fine young man,' she thought to herself, 'both of my children are doing great, I am so blessed ...' She stood there a moment and then went quickly down the hall to the big bathroom quietly stepping inside. "Well Mom, don't you think it would be best if I got dried off and dressed and then talked? She stood up and stepped quickly to the shower and pulled the curtain all the way back, "As I understand it you're supposed to be naked at home, isn't that right?She could see from the look on Leah's face that she was about to explode with questions; she held up her hand and said, "Please let me finish and then I'll answer all your questions the best I can." After another sip of coffee Linda said, "My mother was a hippie, a real true free love hippie.

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" "You both know that I don't like to talk about my family, right?Once served he ate like a starving cannibal, after the family finished supper Linda leaned back and said, "So Tencia Ortega called me today. With a big fun grin on her face Linda said, "David, tell us all about it." David blushed a soft pink and squirmed even more then, "OK, so here's the deal.Everybody in my Human Sexuality class has to complete a research assignment or drop the class.and who do you thing changed the circumcision dressings. " She stepped back and leaned against the sink top and then began to laugh softly at first and finally in an uproariously loud baying laugh. " To his credit, David stood up straight and reached to the side wall retrieving his towel and then he stopped. Linda's laughter subsided and still smiling broadly, she applauded loudly, "David, it I had a dollar bill I'd stuff it somewhere, I'm just not sure where." She didn't fail to notice that grown-up David's cock was thick and long and becoming erect as she admired him.She put her hand over the smile on her mouth and asked in a soft voice, "David is that for me? It's not like I've haven't seen a big hard dick before; how do you think I got your sister and you? David dried himself thoroughly, brushed his teeth and combed his hair and thought how lovely his mother was as she laughed and teased him.

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