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Moreover, his friends were physical clones of George and Kramer (Michael Richards).

O'Connor of The New York Times also explained why he found the episode fun: "Bizarro Jerry has found Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) entering a world of virtual reality with a new boyfriend who eerily resembled Jerry except that he was reliable and considerate.

Meanwhile, Jerry was dating a beautiful young woman whose only flaw (flaws are inevitable on Seinfeld) was having man's hands: meaty paws, whined Jerry, 'like a creature out of Greek mythology.' Kramer drifted incomprehensibly into a corporate job in which he 'finally found structure' and was able to strut about with a briefcase full of Ritz crackers." The hands of actor James Rekart are the "famous Man-Hands" in the episode of "The Bizarro Jerry".

James Rekart was personally cast by Jerry Seinfeld.

This episode is famous for introducing the phrase "man-hands".

David Mandel wrote the episode in response to his then girlfriend Rebecca ending their long-distance relationship.

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