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A relationship coach or life coach specialising in connections with others can help with many issues surrounding relationships.If you are finding things hard with your family, partner, school friends or work colleagues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our qualified life coaches.For example, the leader of a country needs a strong relationship with their people and a teacher needs a connection with their students. If a team, or two people, cannot work together, they will in time suffer relationship problems and the dynamic of the connection will begin to fail.Relationship coaching is open to, and may be needed by anyone struggling to build strong connections.However, the term covers any connection between two or more people - we make connections with people through all walks of life, whether they are quick meetings or lifetime associations.These connections usually refer to the relationship between two people, but it can mean the connection between many.

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Sit down and talk with the person involved, work out where the issues lie and when they start to fall apart.You were definitely both in the nip on Curracloe beach together when you were five, and your mothers almost certainly went to school together.At least one of your friends will hook up with one of their friends.Everyone copes with and reacts to emotional situations differently.When the issue is not discussed, it can be difficult to know how to treat the problem, or understand how it started.

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