Divorced mothers and dating

While you don't want to lie to your kids about your dating life, they don't need to meet every person you're seeing either.And young children should be spoken to differently than adolescents.There are enough women in my age group who are never married and have no kids, so I'll always chose them over divorced women with kids.But if I was a divorced man with kids as well, then I wouldn't mind it. The dating market for divorced people with kids are not as big as it were before they got married. You have to understand single men with no kids will always 99% of the time seek out single women with no kids. I learned at times it is easier to hang out with single dad's. The truth is, just because a guy dates you it doesn't mean he considers you a viable lifetime option. These professions draw a lot of macho jerks, but they also draw a lot of guys who want to rescue someone.Nothing rude about what I said and I was not being an "a$$" as you said.Well, I am 26 so no I wouldn't date a divorced woman with kids.

Secondly,if mom and kids are a different race,specifically black? Please I don't need anyone to make a big deal about the race issue I am just looking for honest opinions.

It's a wonderful feeling to be in love — especially after the heartache of divorce — but never forget that you're not 20 anymore. And you're already struggling with guilt for so many things. While your children will (and should) be your No.1 priority, it most certainly does mean sentencing yourself to a life of solitude.

As parents our minds play an endless loop of to-do's.

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Hey, I am just curious and would like some opinions.

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