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However, residents in North Hills Village insisted Caparas was the mastermind and said she graduated to Sextortion after making money from live sex chats with foreigners soon after she relocated to the village 10 years ago.'This is a poor village made up of people relocated from the Manila slums but look around and you'll see all the young kids have designer clothes,' one resident said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of fears of retribution from Caparas's gang.'That's because 70 per cent of the households here make their money from Sextortion.

The only difference is they do it from their own homes rather since Caparas was arrested.

Headquarters: Caparas, 37, allegedly ran her crime gang extorting money from men from this two-storey home, pictured, in North Hills, north of the Philippines capital, Manila.

There is no suggestion that these children pictured were involved in the scam Using the Facebook alias Marie Celle Caparas she invited us to see her in prison where she revealed chilling details of how the Sextortion scam works while protesting she was not the ringleader.

The alleged boss of a blackmail 'Sextortion' gang has revealed how she tricks 'stupid' men into stripping off via webcam - and revealed the vile secrets of her trade.'Queen of Sextortion' Maria Caparas-Regalachuelo, who is accused of using girls as young as 13, boasted that it takes just 30 minutes to trick western men into getting naked then performing a sex act via Skype.

Her gang is blamed for the suicide of 17-year-old Daniel Perry who leapt to his death in Scotland in August 2013 after being told by his online tormentors he would be 'better off dead'.

'Sextortion queen': Alleged blackmail gang boss Maria Caparas-Regalachuelo revealed the sordid secrets of online sex-traps as she revealed she worked as a 'chatter' convincing Western men to strip then perform a sex act Striptease: Caparas revealed vile details of the 'Sextortion' scam from her Philippines prison cell, boasting that her gang of 'chatters' trawl Facebook for victims, sending men flirtatious messages before asking them to go 'somewhere private'Sordid videocam: Maria Caparas-Regalachuelo has been jailed in the Philippines for her role in an international blackmail ring that convinces men to perform sex acts online.

She has denied being the boss, despite boasting of her wealth by posting images such as the one of her son covered in banknotes, above right, to her Facebook page Caparas admitted that she worked as a 'chatter' herself, adding: 'Chatters' are mostly young girls, some as young as 13, and transgender men.

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The gloating images were found on Facebook accounts operated by Caparas and her family when police seized computers from her home in a 2014 raid.

Ceecelle is one of a number of aliases used by Caparas.

Property empire: An £80,000 villa in the North Hills area of Manila, one of ten properties allegedly owned by Marie Caparas who insists she does not run the 'Sextortion' ring and is simply an employee Temptation: Marie Caparas's home has been converted into a honey trap for the teenagers she allegedly recruits for her syndicate, including a billiards room lined with 19 computer cubicles.

The computers are believed to be where her workers seduce and blackmail foreign men online In a tasteless joke at the expense of their desperate victims, the back of the T-shirt features the symbol that pops up on Skype when a victim has blocked a 'chatter' with the words 'We hate this' beneath it.

Cybercrime profits, Caparas – said by neighbours to have bought a fleet of cars and up to 10 houses around the area with her Sextortion earnings – handed out gifts of flat-screen TVs, i Phones, i Pads and Samsung smart phones as raffle prizes at the party, one witness said.

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