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Miss Arkansas Savvy Shields beat 51 other hopefuls to win the 2017 Miss America title during the 96th annual pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Sunday, September 11. Here, Us Weekly rounds up five things to know about Shields: 1.Shields, 21, celebrated her big night with a shout-out to her Twitter followers after the event. She's Heading Back to School The Fayetteville, Arkansas, native will return to the University of Arkansas as a senior art major and business minor.The app, which had a soft release in April, already had 23,000 downloads before the launch party.It provides tools for those recovering from alcohol and drug addiction to connect with other sober people by users' locations.

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He’s the real deal," she wrote in a recent social media post. She's Obsessed With Smash and Beyonce Shields performed a jazzy rendition of "They Just Keep Moving the Line" from the canceled NBC series during Sunday night's competition."I am so humbled by all of the kindness I have received this past month and am so excited to represent you all at the Miss America pageant.So much love and so much virtual hugs." Feeling so very loved tonight.While Trump has zero political experience, he does have one thing in common with many Republican politicians of the 21st century: Trump knows how to make a sexist statement, and he does it again. Fortunately for us, Trump has been in the public eye for so long that there's a nice, long, well-documented trail of his horrible comments about womankind that we can pull out between now and November 2016 — kidding, Trump will never get far.Here's some of the most egregious statements made by Donald Trump...

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