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The purpose of screening is to accurately identify individuals who may have a co-occurring disorder.Each of the recommended screening tools has shown good reliability and validity and is proven to have a high degree of accuracy in predicting who may need further assessment and treatment.Most individuals experience improvements in independent living, control of symptoms, competitive employment, social contacts with non-substance users, and overall expression of life satisfaction (Drake, 2006).In 2000, the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment () issued a report entitled Changing the Conversation, which presented the principle of "No Wrong Door." This principle has guided policy and decision making regarding co-occurring disorders treatment since that time; it recognizes that most clients do not have a single targeted problem, and that it is the responsibility of treatment and rehabilitation programs to adapt to and meet the specific needs of the individual.The IMA may limit the number of credits obtainable through any given activity. Any activity not listed requires approval from the IMA's Continuing Professional Development Committee, and will be added to the list, on approval. A specific "substance involvement" (risk) score is calculated for each substance, and that score drives a recommendation for no intervention, brief intervention, or more intensive treatment for each substance.Institute of Municipal Assessors (IMA) members are committed to maintaining the highest standards in professionalism and expertise. Qualifying hours are rounded up to the nearest .5 hours.

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Rather, individuals who screen positive should receive a through assessment to establish or rule out a related diagnosis.Screening serves a different purpose than assessment and cannot take the place of a thorough assessment.Screening will identify candidates who should receive a more comprehensive assessment.This should include a protocol for responding immediately to urgent needs identified in the screening, including suicidal thoughts or levels of substance use that may require medical attention.Each clinician should know the procedure to follow for when clients screen positive to ensure that they receive a thorough assessment.

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